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“The Company Program is a real journey, not just a challenge to win.”


The INJAZ Company Program has two overarching aims. Firstly, to foster an understanding of the world of work and a spirit of entrepreneurship through the principle of ‘Learning by Doing’, and secondly, to encourage young people to think globally about their enterprising potential and activities. In joining the INJAZ Company Program, students become part of a growing and thriving community of ambitious, creative, resourceful and hard-working young men and women who are keen on shaping and transforming opportunities across the Middle East and North Africa region. Through INJAZ Company Program, high school and university students get to learn how to start up their entrepreneurial companies.

The program comprises 12 consecutive meetings; the program emphasizes company start-up content, while providing complementary focus on contemporary issues, research and analysis, communication, organization, mathematics, reading and writing skills. The INJAZ Al-Arab Company Program enables and enhances many skills especially in innovative and creative thinking, brainstorming, business, accounting and finance, consultation and negotiation, leadership, public presentations, team work, and competition. Such skills complement and enrich the students’ performance in their academic education, and support positive attitudes as they explore their future career aspirations.

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