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24 November, 2015
We are looking forward to the Young Entrepreneurs Competition

The INJAZ Al-Arab Young Entrepreneurs Competition is the culmination of six months of experiential learning and application based on INJAZ Al-Arab’s internationally acclaimed Company Program©, which is executed by a select group of corporate mentors who work hand-in-hand with students on establishing, marketing and liquidating a real business. The Competition is an annual celebration of the achievements of students who participated and won the National Company Program Competition in their countries after demonstrating sound knowledge in business planning, market research, marketing, sales and feasibility studies.

6 October, 2015
Our New Company Program Books Are Now Available

We are proud to announce that the newly developed university Company Program books in both Arabic and English are now available.

INJAZ Morocco has kindly been working on the French translation as well, which should be ready soon. The high school version should be ready by the first week of November. We would like to thank the whole team who made this possible, especially the MNs who have agreed to pilot the program this year, those who helped us collect alumni success stories, INJAZ Morocco for the French translation, and finally Mariam Aziz from INJAZ Egypt for her help in reviewing, editing, and supporting the development of the program.

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