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The Four Stages of the Young Entrepreneurs Competition

The competition is INJAZ Al- Arab’s annual celebration of the achievements of its students’ and their companies across the MENA region. Through the competition process, INJAZ Al- Arab enables your companies to appear before a panel of independent and carefully selected judges who will take a view as to how you have performed against the INJAZ Al-Arab criteria for each stage, compared with other companies in each of the participating Member Nations.
Company Report

The Company Report is the opportunity to summarize your team’s year in business. It is an important record of what you have achieved. This segment carries 15% of the weight of the final grade. In order to help the judging process and to give you some guidance on what is expected, below is a list of the rules you must follow and some guidelines on content.

Public Presentation

This segment is your chance to present and pitch your company to potential investors; it is the first time you will meet the judges, so remember, first impressions are very important! This segment carries 25% of the total final grade.

Trade Fair

This is the first opportunity your team will have to talk to the judging panel in person, answer their questions and market your product; therefore keep this in mind when preparing for this stage of the competition. This segment carries 20% of the final grade. In this stage you must sell the audience your

Judging Panel Interview

This is a very important aspect of the competition since the judges have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the company as well as clear any queries they may have after having read the reports and visited your stands. This segment has a heavier weight than the three other segments, as it carries 40% of the final grade. Judges are likely to probe company members on their understanding of how and why the company performed as it did and what general lessons the students are able to draw from this, and how these lessons might be applied in a new business context. Company members without their volunteer or teachers will be questioned by the panel of judges for a maximum of 15 minutes about different aspects of their company.

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