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Volunteer Testimonials
  •  “At this stage in my life, coaching young students was a very wonderful and rewarding experience. Being involved to inspire and prepare them for entrepreneurship was truly an honorable mission. Investing in this program was a challenge considering my demanding job and my pregnancy, but I gained a lot of personal satisfaction in the end. Thanks INJAZ for this unforgettable adventure!”

    Lamia Ouis
    Business Manager @Lafarge
  • “They are ready to become true entrepreneurs! “

    Amna Ameen Al Amer
    Court of The Crown Prince
  • "Volunteering in any sector can change the way you see the angle of life. My perspective changed even more when helping these students learn how to start a company, how to create a product and to promote it and integrate it in the market... It didn't only help the students but helped me as a person to discover and develop my hidden skills.
    Thanks to INJAZ"

    The mentor of MiniRature
  •  “It was such a joy to see these young people develop their innovative thinking to learn business skills and apply them to real life situations. I congratulate INJAZ for giving them such a unique opportunity to realize their full potential.”

    Latha Richardson
    School coordinator- Bahrain
  • “This event provides the perfect platform to support, nurture and incubate the most successful business concepts devised by our brightest high school and university students. They are learning valuable commercial lessons that prepare them to become the business leaders of the future.”

    Mr. Khalifa
    Advisor to CEO at Qatar
Alumni Testimonials
  • “Connecting the dots background after 8 years of working experience, I definitely value the contribution INJAZ Al-Arab did towards building our professional, soft and interpersonal skills through its educational programs. I recommend all the youth to invest their early days in building their capacities for better Job opportunities. Thank you INJAZ.”

    Sarah Doodin
    INJAZ Jordan
  • “A life changing experience! A great way to discover the entrepreneurial skills on an early stage. Thank you INJAZ Al-Arab.”

    Othman Boodai
    INJAZ Kuwait
  • “Meeting many of the Arab entrepreneurs at the conference in Amman confirmed that there is real hope in us as a nation. We need to stick together and support each other. I am very proud to be part of INJAZ Al-Arab network.

    Hossam Taher
    INJAZ Egypt
  • I learned so much from this program. It taught me how to understand and operate in the real world of business, work in a team and solve problems.

    Abdullah Zaini
  • " This has been a great experience that has allowed me to evaluate the business world and consider it as a possible career choice. "

    Omran, Student
Board Testimonials
  • “ the experience that young people get through INJAZ: the confidence, the practical employment skills… are things businesses need… businesses need to get behind INJAZ because it’s one of the few organizations that give young people that experience and these skills …enabling them to jump into the work place and hit the ground running.”

    Sean C. Rush
    Former President- Junior Achievement Worldwide
  • “On visiting one of the stands during the competition, it was amazing to hear the passion and enthusiasm by the Egyptian team. One of the team members explained that she had first heard of Injaz whilst watching Khawater. She was inspired by what Injaz was doing to help youth across the Middle East and determined to be a part of it, rallying a team together to push themselves into areas they had never considered before. The drive, determination and enthusiasm of all of the Egyptian team was incredible to see and it was clear to us all that with this positive attitude, combined with their ability, they would be successful in whatever they do. Congratulations to the Egyptian team on wining the Company of the Year – a well deserved accolade.”

    Sconaid Mcgeachin
    President & CEO Africa, Middle East & Turkey Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  •  “It was quite an inspirational experience being part of the judging committee for these young entrepreneurs. The enthusiasm, energy, and determination of all the participating teams was quite moving. These young entrepreneurs showed us a glimpse of what the future could be if we manage to unleash the innovation capacity of our young generations and direct it towards building a better future for the region and for themselves. I was quite impressed with the level of professionalism of all teams and with the objective process of evaluating the projects in a fair and transparent methodology. I was touched by all of the teams’ emotions and desire to win which made our jobs even more difficult to make sure that we addressed all teams after the results to assure that they were all winners with a will to win and exceed in life”.

    Taha M. Khalifa
    Regional General Director, Intel, MENA
  • “I think INJAZ has done a great job in those 10 years in developing critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills and most importantly leadership. When you walk around and see these companies today, you see young leaders that someday are going to lead countries, lead companies… So, I’m really excited about that. “

    Jeffery Johnson
    Former President- Boeing Middle East
  • "I was humbled to see the level of energy, capabilities, drive and potential of our Arab youth during the competition event. To me, it is the live testimony of what our youth are capable of, once they are given the chance"

    Abdulkareem Abu Alnasr
    Chairman of the Board INJAZ Saudi Arabia

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